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Architecture and Interior Design are so fully connected that the experience of one cannot exist without the other.  They must both be as strong partners.  When one is short in stature, both are diminished.

We take a holistic approach to design, engaging each client with a renewed sense of discovery.  After all, no two clients are the same.  Our projects reflect that showing a wide variety of stylistic influences.  Our commitment is to you, the client and to a universal level of thoughtfulness and quality.

Each project is mated to the individual client, couple, or family.


A bit of personal history…

All journeys start somewhere.  My first memories are from Hawaii.  My mother was an aspiring watercolorist and I would join her traveling around the islands while she learned to see the things in front of her and translate that to paper.  As fantastic as this sounds, for me, it really meant being covered in mud most of the time.


Those memories hung (literally) around our house throughout my childhood.  The history of my first memories is something that became not only decorative, but a constant reminder of real experiences as I meandered though the house.  It taught me was “to see” instead of simply “to look”…to notice the details, to feel the textures, to hear the sounds.  In other words to inhabit the place in which you are.

My Grandfather made furniture in his spare time, turning a love for carpentry into furniture and other objects that surrounded me throughout my life.  There is something quite special about making things rather than selecting them.  When you make something, you understand the process, care and skill it takes to take raw material and render a designed object.


While most of us can't make our own furniture, we can have handcrafted, tailored or personalized environments.  This is something we seem to gravitate toward more and more as the world becomes more mundanely manufactured.

It is with that insight, that level of understanding and that love for the craft of creation that I approach my work, your project, and our shared pursuit of the personal connection to our world that only great design can bring.

Joel Kelly


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